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cov_sm_logo.pngRelease 7.6 Now Available!


Notable improvements since 7.5.0 include:

  • Improvements to Security Advisor, including new checkers, better framework support, more configuration options and additional tuning
  • External bug tracking system integration in Coverity Connect, enabling better collaboration with systems such as Jira
  • Improvements to Test Advisor, including significantly better performance and UI changes to better convey change impact
  • Broader web-based testing support in Test Advisor - QA Edition, including Internet Explorer
  • Improved desktop analysis and plugins, including more supported IDEs and SCM systems
  • Many checker improvements: new checkers, better heuristics, more options, and improved tuning/modeling capabilities
  • SDK improvements supporting more custom checker capabilities (and Android)
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements

Downloads available through the Coverity Customer Center.


For more information, read the announcement: Announcing Coverity 7.6

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