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How do I move CIM from one machine to another

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Originally published on 2010-07-18 01:56


If you want to move CIM database from one instance to another (with not necessarily the same ports), or move your entire CIM installation from one machine to another, here is an example of the supported way to do it:



# make a back-up on the machine the original is running on
[centos52-x64 bin]$./cov-admin-db backup ~rdave/db_backup.20100412
# on the target (new) machine, bring CIM into maintenance mode 
[linux64-01 bin]$ ./cov-im-ctl maintenance
# restore the back-up on the new machine 
[linux64-01 bin]$ ./cov-admin-db restore ~rdave/db_backup.20100412


Now, this moves the DB contents into the new installation but I want to be very clear that this completely replaces the DB that's already there.   It's a one-way, write-only move.   It's a great way to move CIM to another machine or even to create a bunch of test instances with the same data, but in production, the only use case I see for this is if someone wants to have a read-only secondary instance for backup (and all changes there get overwritten next time someone restores a DB there) or if this is for a one-time move from one server to another.

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