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How do I relocate my CIM installation?

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Originally published on 2011-04-19 22:29


Q: How can I move my CIM installation to another location in my file system?


Problem: When you install CIM, the path to the location gets hard-coded into the CIM configuration files.  If you try to copy the directory structure to a new location, the new location won't start properly.

Solution: You can move your CIM installation to a new location taking the following steps:

1) Back up your CIM installation using the command

$ cov-admin-db backup $CIM_BACKUP_FILE

Replace '$CIM_BACKUP_FILE' with the full path and filename where you want to store the backup

2) Install CIM in the new location, as if it was a new installation

  • If you want to reuse the same ports as an existing CIM installation,  you must first shut down the exising installation using the command '$ cov-manage-im stop'
  • If you want to install the new CIM as a service, you must first uninstall the existing CIM installation.  Depending on the version of CIM you're using, you may need to manually remove the Postgres and CIM services


3) Restore the backup you made in step (1) into the new CIM installation

$ cov-im-ctl maint

$ cov-admin-db restore $CIM_BACKUP_FILE
$ cov-im-ctl start

I hope you find this useful!

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