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PersonFriendsStatus Level
Jon Jarboe ModeratorModerator (2481 points)
nikantonelli Coverity NinjaCoverity Ninja (391 points)
vspurlin GeniusGenius (228 points)
Andy Chou HotshotHotshot (135 points)
Romain Gaucher HotshotHotshot (129 points)
Mary Artibee GeniusGenius (177 points)
Mike Skurko GeniusGenius (165 points)
prapier GeniusGenius (172 points)
Keri Sprinkle ModeratorModerator (90 points)
flazar GeniusGenius (178 points)
Kristin Brennan ModeratorModerator (190 points)
James Fenton HotshotHotshot (95 points)
Casey Biama HotshotHotshot (125 points)
Alex Kouzemtchenko InfluencerInfluencer (50 points)
James Croall InfluencerInfluencer (53 points)
smcpeak InfluencerInfluencer (57 points)
kblock ContributorContributor (39 points)
gwintersun InfluencerInfluencer (47 points)
Jon Passki ContributorContributor (40 points)
Julie Seymour ModeratorModerator (30 points)