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How do I link to other discussions or content?

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Linking is one of the key elements that makes websites valuable. You can include links in anything you post in CoverityConnect by highlighting the text you want to convert to a link and clicking on the link button in the editor to activate the Link Picker. The Link Picker gives you the power to choose your link by

  • entering any URL on the Web Address tab,
  • searching the content of CoverityConnect on the All Content tab, or
  • selecting from your recently viewed content or recently visited places on the Browse History tab.

You can also link to documents using @mentioning. Just type an @ followed by some text to start searching for content. For example, type @How to bring up a picklist of documents with How in their title. If you need to narrow it down further, simply continue typing; use an underscore to represent a space. For example: @how_move_CIM will find all content whose title includes the words how, move, and CIM.

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