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How do I start a new discussion?

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So you want to get started with CoverityConnect and ask this awesome community some questions related to your latest project or everyday life?


Perfect! You are here (which is great), you have already navigated around the site a little bit (even better), and now you are ready to venture out and post some content of your own. Let's get started!


1) The best way to determine where you want to post is to search the entire community for anything relevant to your topic. This lets you see if someone has already asked the question, and helps you determine which basic area within the communities is most relevant to your question. The top right hand of every page within CoverityConnect has a Search box to get started. (Notice that as you type, it is already providing suggestions for content that might match your query).


2) If you found a piece of content that was relevant, congratulations! If not, let's post a question out there to the world!


     a) If you are already in the relevant community space, you can choose the Start a discussion from the blue action menu on the right. You also can always get started by selecting Discussion from the gray Create dropdown menu in the upper middle area of your screen; then you will need to choose the space in which you want to have your discussion appear.

     b) You are then presented with an in-line editor that will allow you to enter text, pictures and video to help illustrate your point. It is very much like any web-based WYSIWYG editor and has all the fun stuff you are used to. Go ahead and fill out your text. Don't forget to decide if you want to Mark this discussion as a question (which will place it in special places around the site that help give it attention for a few days so more people see it and are given the opportunity to comment/answer).

     c) Attach any files that you may want others to have access to (like code snippets, etc.).

     d) Finally, you may want to tag the discussion with something relevant to help others find it in the future. When you type a couple characters in the Tags field, the auto suggest feature will present any existing tags that may match. If you want a multiple-word tag, you must use an underscore "_" as the space character.


Go ahead and click the blue Post Message button at the bottom to send it out for others to see. Don't worry. As the author of that discussion, you can always come back and edit it as needed!

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